Photo: It’s me…


Originally uploaded by cannotbesilent

Well, if you’re wondering what I look like, this should do the trick. Actually, I’ve started a Flickr account, and am using it to post to the blog.

BTW, my wife took this photo using my Nikon D70s. Afternoon sunlight coming over the shoulder, auto-exposed on the portrait setting. Converted to black-and-white in Photoshop Elements.

What do I like to shoot? Travel, portraits, artsy stuff, abstracts, concepts, etc. I hope to share some of the enjoyable ones.


2 Responses to Photo: It’s me…

  1. Rolii says:

    Hello David! I also use flickr but have you checked SmugMug out? I think it’s the real deal when it comes to serious photography storage and sharing. Greetings!

  2. cannotbesilent says:

    That might be interesting if I “go pro”. Thanks for the suggestion.

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