Rehearsal pacing

February 18, 2008

I was just reading an interesting blog post called I’m only going to say this once. It’s an interesting article that investigates a bit of the balance between rehearsal and repeating yourself as a leader (not fun). Hopefully, if I can

  • keep the rehearsal moving ahead and
  • create an expectation that I’m going to say something important

then I can repeat myself less and help everyone enjoy the rehearsal more. At least I try to…


No ‘R’s…

January 19, 2008

no_r.jpgI always try to encourage my choirs to remove agressive ‘R’ sounds from their singing. Usually, the best way to accomplish this is to either replace the ‘R’ sound with an ‘uh’ for word endings, and to simply avoid the ‘R’ in other places.

After a few years of demonstrations and encouragement, I’ve finally found another way to get the point across…