Recommend: Diet Article

December 17, 2007

I ran across a great article on weight loss at “Asleep at the Wheel” that I can heartily recommend. My weight loss doctor would like this one; it sums up his approach to weight loss fairly well. Now if anyone can solve my “how to find exercise I can actually enjoy” riddle, I’d be all set. I’ve got a few clues… time to do more research!


Photo: It’s me…

December 12, 2007


Originally uploaded by cannotbesilent

Well, if you’re wondering what I look like, this should do the trick. Actually, I’ve started a Flickr account, and am using it to post to the blog.

BTW, my wife took this photo using my Nikon D70s. Afternoon sunlight coming over the shoulder, auto-exposed on the portrait setting. Converted to black-and-white in Photoshop Elements.

What do I like to shoot? Travel, portraits, artsy stuff, abstracts, concepts, etc. I hope to share some of the enjoyable ones.

Recommend: LifeHacker

December 7, 2007

Do you know about LifeHacker? It’s an interesting site with tips about “hacking” your life – saving money, how to do this and that. I subscribe to their RSS feed, and it’s one of my favorites. If you want to spend the better part of an evening “improving” yourself, this is a fascinating place to start.

Topics, topics everywhere

December 6, 2007

As with any new undertaking, it takes a bit of experience to move things along smoothly. So tonight, I’m trying to focus on what I’ll focus on; in other words, what should I write about?

So far, I can envision these topics (in no particular order):

  • Oracle database technology
  • My home recording studio
  • Photography (digital nowadays, maybe a few flashbacks…)
  • Vocal music, voice teaching
  • Performance anxieties in public speaking and singing
  • Choral music
  • Music technology
  • Tech toys and gadgets
  • Church music
  • Creativity

Along the way, I’m definitely hoping to produce some podcasts related to improving choral and vocal singing skills. I’ve written some articles and papers, so I’ll probably make those available as well.

I’m currently enamoured of the ‘auto-blogging’ capabilities now available with Google Reader shared links, delicious, Flickr, etc. Just clicking on content to publish and/or refer to it sounds great to me; it provides an almost stream-of-conciousness method for communicating. Nice.

If you have some suggested topics you’d like me to address, or questions to answer, just place them in the comments. I’m moderating the comments anyway, so it’s not going to get too wild.

Today’s performance: TGAFC

December 2, 2007

Just got back from leading 3 back-to-back concerts for the GA Festival Chorus ( We sang for the corporate open house at Chick-fil-A – wow, what a company! This was not your ‘average PR gig’; the acoustics were pretty good, especially for a corporate setting. Also, the ‘corporate citizens’ were super; friendly, helpful, and interesting to talk with.

Our group sang well, even on the 3rd concert. What more could you ask for?

Tonight’s performance: Messiah

December 1, 2007

As as musician, the Christmas season holds both tremendous excitement and anxiety; the thrill of performance, and the reality of… reality. For example, tonight’s performance of Handel’s Messiah; I was the featured bass soloist. Months ago, I accepted the ‘gig’, and you can hardly ever accurately anticipate the multitude of events that will impact the performance.

It all went well, though! The other soloists were fun to work with and the choir, orchestra and director were a joy. All in all, a fun evening.

The alto soloist was smart – she hid a bottle of water underneath her seat before the performance began. I often do the same, but neglected that detail at my own peril this time. It would have been welcome in between my sets of recitatives and arias.

No, I really don’t get nervous. Excited, yes, but nothing negative. I actually enjoy this and look forward to it.

People from the audience were so complimentary, but there was one unusual and profound compliment. One of the basses in the chorus said that he had been watching me during the performance, and that I looked interested, pleasant, and supportive. He liked my singing too, but having someone notice my expression was a plus.

This is actually important to me; as a soloist and music “leader”, I do want other musicians to be encouraged. I wish I knew this person’s name; I could likely learn a lot from him.