Here are a couple of pics of my current home recording studio, at least since 2006.

Middle and front of CannotBeSilent
Standing at the back for an overview of the space.

Here’s where I sit. I’m using a MOTU 828mk2 for the interface, a Behringer HA800 headphone distribution amp, a dbx 1066 compressor. A Behringer BCF2000 controller is there to help with Cubase SX3. As usual, the small speakers (w/subwoofer) are for non-critical listening (TV, games) and mix double-checks. The CD/DVD player is under the desk with the Alesis RA100 amp. An AMD Athlon 64 sits in an Antec Sonata II case, 1GB RAM, 2 200GB drives. It’s quiet, even.

Middle, Left, and Front
Here’s where the Kurzweil K2500XS fits in. Notice the Auralex-faced gobo; the back of it is a whiteboard. My trusty Mackie 1604VLZ is still around.

Studio Front

Here’s the front of the room. From L to R: mandolin and autoharp cases on the floor, Remo 14″ djembe, red Peavey Patriot, Martin D16H (in case) Roland KC500 amp, Sterling ES-335 clone, Pignose G40V tube amp (it’s LOUD!), Crate GX-15 amp, Shure 55S mic (the “Elvis” model), and Fender Squier P-bass.


3 Responses to Studio

  1. Pedro says:

    Can you make some comments about the DBX 1066 you have in your rack? I intend in the near future to buy a gate/compressor unit to help on providing a more homogeneous sound level to my recordings. I intend to use it on vocals only. Could you provide me some tips?
    Thanks a lot


  2. Gman says:

    I like your floor screens with the Auralex. Did you build them yourself?

  3. cannotbesilent says:

    Actually, a friend built them for me based on my description. The Auralex is glued to masonite bath panelling; the reverse “good” side of the paneling is white and functions as a set of whiteboards – great for writing down lyrics and other stuff. They do knock down some high frequencies, but of course have no effect on midrange and bass tones.

    Thanks for taking a look at the site!

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