No ‘R’s…

January 19, 2008

no_r.jpgI always try to encourage my choirs to remove agressive ‘R’ sounds from their singing. Usually, the best way to accomplish this is to either replace the ‘R’ sound with an ‘uh’ for word endings, and to simply avoid the ‘R’ in other places.

After a few years of demonstrations and encouragement, I’ve finally found another way to get the point across…


Topics, topics everywhere

December 6, 2007

As with any new undertaking, it takes a bit of experience to move things along smoothly. So tonight, I’m trying to focus on what I’ll focus on; in other words, what should I write about?

So far, I can envision these topics (in no particular order):

  • Oracle database technology
  • My home recording studio
  • Photography (digital nowadays, maybe a few flashbacks…)
  • Vocal music, voice teaching
  • Performance anxieties in public speaking and singing
  • Choral music
  • Music technology
  • Tech toys and gadgets
  • Church music
  • Creativity

Along the way, I’m definitely hoping to produce some podcasts related to improving choral and vocal singing skills. I’ve written some articles and papers, so I’ll probably make those available as well.

I’m currently enamoured of the ‘auto-blogging’ capabilities now available with Google Reader shared links, delicious, Flickr, etc. Just clicking on content to publish and/or refer to it sounds great to me; it provides an almost stream-of-conciousness method for communicating. Nice.

If you have some suggested topics you’d like me to address, or questions to answer, just place them in the comments. I’m moderating the comments anyway, so it’s not going to get too wild.